Twinbrook Owners Association

Notice of TOA Asphalt Maintenance

The TOA Board of Directors has contracted with COLLEGIATE SEALERS AND PAVING, 44l80 Wade Drive, Suite 200 Chantilly, VA 20152, (703) 542-5555, to accomplish crack ?lling, seal coating, and striping for the private roads servicing 6712 thru 6677 Hanson Rd, 8491 & 8493 Accotink Rd, and 8305 thru 8513 Accotink Rd on Aug 21 and Aug 22 2013.

These roads need to be cleared of all vehicles, trash cans, bins, etc. by 7:00 AM on Aug 21 and should be accessible no later than 5:00PM on Aug 22nd. During this period vehicle traf?c on these roads will be restricted and foot traffic should be minimized to the maximum extent possible to allow for proper curing of the seal coating and prevent any damage. Also any vehicles left at the private residences serviced by these roads will not be allowed to traverse the affected roads during this period. In addition, please turn off your irrigation systems for the applicable residences during this time to prevent water damage. The county police will be noti?ed of this maintenance and that a large amount of vehicles will be parked on the Accotink public road during this time period- This contractor is not responsible for notifying residents to remove their vehicle(s) from the areas to be treated and will charge a postponement fee if they cannot accomplish the work.

Additionally, Collegiate is willing to do associated work on private drives at the same time for any TOA homeowner wanting it done, and will bill them separately. Please let me know if you are interested or call Collegiate separately and let them know you are associated with this project. _

Detailed maintenance to be accomplished:

1. Crack Filling: Isolated cracks greater than 1A inch wide will be ?lled with Deery hot pour crack ?ller prior to sealcoating. Cracks will be reasonably cleaned as necessary to remove dirt and debris that may impede the curing of the crack ?ller. Up to 3,185 linear feet.

Note: Areas of myriad cracking (numerous shallow cracks running together) will not be pre-?lled.

2. Sealcoating: Collegiate Sealers will coat the asphalt (estimated 3,308 square yards) with Star Seal pavement sealer, forti?ed with a latex additive and silicate sand. Sealer will be applied by hand With Squeegees. Parking areas will be cleaned with power air blowers, scrapers, and Wire brush brooms prior to sealer application. Oil stains will be primed with an industrial oil spot primer.

3. Painting: Collegiate will re-stripe using the existing layout. Most loose paint on curbs will be scraped off prior to painting when applicable. No warranty will be made with regards to paint adhesion on concrete surfaces, including but not limited to curbs painted solid colors and stenciling on curbs.

Total Project Cost: $5,755.00 (paid from existing reserves)