Twinbrook Owners Association

Landscaping Committee

Martin Anderson, Forrester Cox, Donna Spivey

The community depends on all homeowners to communicate all issues or comments. Please contact the Landscaping committee members if you are interested in volunteering for the committee or if you have any comments regarding the common grounds.


Springfield Lawn & Landscaping Company is Twinbrook's common ground maintenance contractor. Springfield Lawn was selected from six competitors in response to a request for proposals for the 2006-2007 common grounds maintenance contract.
The contract was renewed early this year for two additional years. Pricing has been adjusted to include raise in energy costs.
The work done by our maintenance contractor is closely monitored by the Landscaping Committee using a checklist of work to be performed according to the schedule of service.

Both front and middle common areas are equipped with a separate irrigation system with rain sensor. Scheduling of irrigation is set up by the Landscaping Committee according to our ground maintenance contractor recommendation.
KT Irrigation is our sprinkler system contractor. KT maintenance contract includes spring start and winterization. 

The landscaping project for all three areas was completed in 2007 by Betty's Azalea Ranch. Many plants, shrubs and trees that did not survive the 1st planting had to be replaced.