Twinbrook Owners Association

Replace 22 Gallon Recycling Bins with 64 Gallon Recycling Carts

A message from TOA Vice-President

TOA Residents,

We have negotiated with AAA to replace the current 22 gallon recycling bins they issued to us with 64 gallon recycling carts. The main reasons we want to do this is to keep our recyclables from blowing around the neighborhood and for uniformity (aesthetics of the neighborhood). There will be no increase in the monthly fee per household because we are extending our current contract with AAA from Dec 31st 2015 to Dec 31st 2018 so there will be no increase in our HOA assessment.

The plan is to do a mass swap out of the bins/carts in the next couple of weeks and I'll provide the details soon.

For the reasons mentioned above the board would like to make this a mandatory swap out but please let us know if you do not want to receive a cart and we can discuss.

Let me know if you have any questions.

TOA Vice-president

We are also working repainting the curbs on Hanson with yellow paint for the fire lane requirement and some of the street markings as we discussed at the Annual Meeting. We will provide more information when we set a date.