Twinbrook Owners Association

Twinbrook Architectural Review Committee walk through

In order to maintain our common and living areas in good order and to continue to protect and increase our home values, the Twinbrook Architectural Review Committee members will do a walk-through of the Twinbrook housing area on SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd, 2016 (inclement weather date: Saturday, April 9th.)

We will be looking for adherence to the Twinbrook Architectural Standards and Guidelines. We will also be looking for other areas not depicted in the standards and guidelines but may require future integration due to the potential for decreasing home values. Any changes to the standards and guidelines will require community input.

We are most concerned with: trash receptacles left outside the homes during non-trash days; trash or renovation debris left in front and rear of the house; unauthorized landscape; and damaged/missing or torn shutters/draperies/blinds in front of the house.

We will also be on the lookout for trash that has been deposited in the Fairfax County parkland behind our homes. This is one of our most precious community views, which increases the value of our properties and provides constant enjoyment to the owners. We will also look for unauthorized landscape or garden plots along the edge of the Fairfax County parkland. A referral may be made to the Fairfax County Park Authority after a warning provided to the homeowner.

Thank you for your support and for making Twinbrook a great place to live and grow our families.

Twinbrook Architectural Review Committee